Saturday, August 7, 2010

4: The Nasty Lies Continue - in the face of indisputable evidence!

Further to the orchestrated litany of slanderous lies from the South End School in Carterton.  Below is one of the letters to the school from parents in protest at the actions of the Board of Trustees.  The Principal and the Board lied to the Privacy Commissioner and denied the existance of any complaints from parents, until I confronted them with this one:

December 16th 2009

To the Board of Trustees of the South End School

We are writing to say that we are concerned that no action has been taken regarding the false accusation of child abuse against Kate Raue which has affected her chances of doing voluntary work at the school.  

No attempt has been made by you to apologize to Kate and resolve the matter.  

As far as we can see no abuse happened.  Kate was charged with no offense.  

This has been very upsetting to Kate and we feel that some effort by you to put this right should be made.

Yours sincerely,
Signed by Mrs and Mr X (parents of several students at  South End School)

That forced the school to reveal the existence of this letter, which they also lied to the Privacy Commissioner about,.denying its existence until forced to admit the lie; but only after being confronted with the evidence!

The School responded to the concerned parents with this nasty, slanderous piece of work:

30 April 2010
We are replying to your letter dated 16th December 2009 in which you voiced concerns about an accusation made about Kate Raue.

We wish to inform you that no accusation was made by the South End School Board of Trustees.

It was brought to the Board's attention that there could have been a problem with Kate Raue's actions out in the community and we sought only to make sure that our children were safe and secure, as is our responsibility.

Yours faithfully 
South End School Board of Trustees.

What utter rubbish!  Of course there was an accusation made by the South End School Board of Trustees!  These people would try and convince you that black was white - and they're teaching your children!  

Here it is.  It clearly and indisputably terminates my employment on the basis of the accusation that I have recently been charged by the police with an offence involving a child!  

I was informed that I was going to be getting the letter by Deputy Principal Dallas Powell in early 2009, weeks before I actually received it.

Deputy Principal Dallas Powell confirmed that she had spoken with the staff representative who had attended the recent Board of Trustees meeting, after seeing notes of the meeting which contained the written accusation and details of the source of the information, which the representative confirmed that the Board had been told was the police.  Part 1 summarises the background of the matter.

The Mayoral Diary, below, text messages from Michael Francis Murphy, and information received from the police show that there has been a conspiracy to have me fired from my job over a false accusation supported by corrupt and violent local police officers, and to harass, persecute and violently attack me.

The Mayoral Diary shows that local bully, and corruptly elected Mayor, Gary McPhee, met with Michael Murphy and that this is the sort of rubbish he has to resort to filling in the Mayoral Diary with - as if it's official business for him to meet with Michael Murphy over this rubbish!  He met with Rod O'Leary and the police, to conspire and plan the campaign of attack on me.  Murphy's statement says he went to see McPhee because he had some property of mine and "couldn't figure out how to return it" - this isn't official business!  Looking through McPhee's Mayoral Diary's shows they're full of this sort of rubbish

Text messages from Murphy to me at the time are provocative and confrontational, and include "we're at your house with the cops and Gary McPhee", "You smell like Satan', etc.  This is McPhee's idea of official business, picking on women

Recent developments show a similar conspiracy involving these people, and local loser Wayne Friend, who has bullied me out of my home, in the middle of winter, moved into the room I repainted and which I pay rent for, shifted my stuff out and piled it up in another room, so he can put his own stuff in there.  He's going through my things, using property of mine as if it were his own whenever he feels like,making himself cups of tea with my kettle, and threatening and abusing me whenever he feels like it, while threatening me when I try and access my own property!  

It's a small world, the three degrees of separation thing, Dallas Powell is best mates with Karen Friend, Wayne Friend's mother, she's best mates with Michael Murphy, so is Wayne Friend.

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